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Membership in St. Paul’s Church is based on desire. If you are baptized (or desire to be baptized) and you intend to make this parish your principal community of worship and you will support the ministries of the parish, you may have yourself recorded as a member of the parish. We offer several opportunities throughout the year when new members are welcomed at our coffee hour on Sunday mornings as well as a special Welcome Supper with our Rector. We also offer opportunities for adult and youth Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. For more information on membership contact a member of the clergy or Parish Administrator Claire Broome


WeddingThe Book of Common Prayer defines Holy Matrimony as “a solemn and public covenant between a man and a woman in the presence of God.” The nature of Christian marriage assumes that engaged couples have a prior relationship with God and with the Christian community. Couples who request the sacrament of Holy Matrimony at St. Paul’s are expected to have already begun to build a relationship upon the presence and grace of God in their lives. The very first step toward a wedding at St. Paul’s Church is for the couple to make an appointment with the Rector of the parish.

Facilities Use

St. Paul’s allows non-profit groups to use our meeting rooms and other facilities on a per-case basis. Please contact Claire Broome for details.

Prayer Requests & Pastoral Care

St. Paul’s maintains a continuous prayer list as well as frequent visits to hospitals, homes, and care facilities. Please contact Pastoral Care Minister Janet Hale to confidentially share your needs for Pastoral Care.