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Giving and Pledging

Your Pledge Matters

Generosity is an important part of our spiritual growth. It increases our faith in God and connects us to one another and to the world. We ask everyone in the St. Paul’s community to commit a portion of his or her income to support our ministries as an active downtown parish. Annual pledges support everything we do, from community outreach to our musical offerings to our children, youth, and family ministries. Every pledge has a significant impact, and an increase in your yearly giving is magnified dramatically when we join together in generosity.

giving-chartHow Much Should I Pledge?

Determining what to pledge is an important decision. We encourage you to pledge an amount that is both responsible and generous. Proportionate giving is a process of knowing what percentage of your resources you are contributing to St. Paul’s. This chart can help you decide how much to pledge to St. Paul’s during 2018.

To make a 2018 pledge to St. Paul’s Church, contact Stewardship and Membership Coordinator, Beverly Rhoden: Beverly@stpaulschatt.org or 423-602-5663.