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The Exum Gallery

Four Seasons at Reflection Riding
by Cam Busch and Durinda Cheek

Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 — 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

You are invited to the exhibit Pilgrimages featuring paintings and photographs by artists Durinda Cheek and Cam Busch. “Pilgrimage is at the heart of many faith traditions. It is a quest, a journey of body and soul in which the pilgrim desires to experience a greater awareness of God.” — Cam Busch, Spirituality and Art Therapy: Living the Connection, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001.

Busch will display select photographs from France, Italy, and the Holy Land. She will also show 20 color photographs from the series Eye of the Soul: Spiritual Illuminations of Celtic Christianity in Ireland, which has been exhibited in the Washington National Cathedral. Cheek will have on exhibit paintings in watercolors and in oils of basilicas and cathedrals both exteriors and interiors. Her works will include the St. Francis Basilica in Assisi, St. Marks Basilica in Venice, Notre Dame and the Sacre Couer in Paris. The show will continue through October 29.


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Chattanooga is becoming known as an arts center, and St. Paul’s is excited to be a part of that! The parishioners of St. Paul’s are active supporters of the arts community of Chattanooga, and welcomed the addition of St. Paul’s Exum Gallery in May 2008. Named in honor of the late Franklin Exum, parishioner and benefactor of the Church, the Exum Gallery has a full schedule of at least six exhibits per year, with a Show Opening and Artist’s Reception at the beginning of each exhibit.

Past Shows

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Membership at St. Paul’s is not necessary to show work at the Exum Gallery. Interested artists may pick up an exhibit application at the Church.