St. Paul’s Vestry

About St. Paul’s Vestry

The Vestry of St. Paul’s is the legal, canonical (church law) and financial “board of trustees” for the church. Members are elected for three-year terms and lead the parish in setting policies and goals, maintaining the buildings, and raising financial support for the mission of the parish. The Vestry is chaired by the Rector and consists of fifteen parishioners.

Typically five new members are elected to three years terms by Members in Good Standing. The elections are held each year at our Parish Meeting in November. Any member of the parish is welcome to attend Vestry meetings and is encouraged to approach any member of the Vestry with any questions or concerns they may have with any spiritual or non-spiritual aspects of the church and its leadership and management.

The Wardens are the “Executive Officers” of the Vestry. The Sr. Warden usually sets the agenda for the meetings and oversees the committees and any task forces the Vestry may set up. The Jr. Warden is traditionally responsible for the buildings and grounds. To contact a member of the Vestry please look them up in the Church Directory or contact the Church Office for assistance.

Brad Whitaker

Hugh Sharber

Vestry Members


Julie Brandao
Senior Warden

Tom White

B Blohm Pict

Bruce Blohm

Jill Cavan

Kelly Coffelt

Shawn Craig

Sally Durand


Lynn Hodge

Tom Kale

Herb Knowles

Maury Nicely

Karen Padilla

George Patten

Carla Raynor

Trip Smith

Adam Webb